HomeAtmo : the ultimate Netatmo client for Mac !

View all your Netatmo equipments data at a glance.

Display, through detailed graphics, the history of your Weather station(s) and Aircare sensor(s) measurements.

What’s new in the version 2.8:

  • Graphical redesign to better support light and dark themes on Mac OS.
  • Display optimization of new screen sizes on MacBook Pro.

An iOS version of HomeAtmo, as well as a Mac OS version supporting Netatmo Energy thermostats and valves, will soon be available !

What’s new in the version 2.7:

  • HomeAtmo now supports the Netatmo Aircare captor in the same way as the Weather station. If you have associated your stations on the same Netatmo account, you will then see in the HomeAtmo application all your measurements for all types of stations centralized and in real time.
  • HomeAtmo widgets are now available: Go to your “Notification Center”, choose amongst the two widget formats offered and select the sensor you want to be displayed by clicking on the widget. You can add as many HomeAtmo widgets as you want !
  • Location consideration and display of all stations and captors.
  • New filtering capacity of the dashboard display: by station, by location or even all stations.
  • For each filter, you now have a dedicated bar of measures in the menu bar that can be configured in the application settings.
  • The ‘Premium bar’ option now allows you to mix measurements from different stations when using the “all stations” display filter.
  • For the HomeAtmo Premium Charts option, the last period you selected is now saved. Next time the graphics window is opened, the curve will automatically be displayed with this period.You can now display on the same graph the measurement curves of different stations including the Aircare station.

Compatibility :

This application is compatible with the Netatmo Weather station and the air quality sensor ‘Aircare’. You just need to use your Netatmo account to connect.

All the sensors sold for the Netatmo Weather station are supported as well as the Aircare sensor :


Indoor and Outdoor module




 Rain gauge

Dashboard :

The HomeAtmo dashboard has been developed to offer a synthetic view and to be able to compare the values ​​of the same nature of the different sensors with each other. For example, you can compare the humidity of your different sensors at a glance.

The measurements is refreshed automatically.

HomeAtmo dashboard in synthetic mode
HomeAtmo dashboard in synthetic mode.

A detailed dashboard view also allows you to view additional data such as the battery level of each sensor, signal quality and more, as show below :

HomeAtmo dashboard in extended mode
HomeAtmo dashboard in extended mode.

The transition from the simplified view to the detailed view is intuitive with a single click.

A color or monochrome mode is available to customize your display.

You also have access to additional information about the different values ​​displayed by leaving your mouse over two seconds on one of these values.

For example, by remaining 2 seconds on the name of one of your sensors in the dashboard, you can view the date of installation and configuration of the sensor.

Similarly, you can choose the type of information that will be displayed in the menu bar. Two types of menu bar are now available :

– The Standard menu bar which allows you to select up to 2 measurements in the menu bar amongst the current temperature and the current temperature with trend for the main station and the outdoor sensor. The display order is also configurable.

– The Premium menu bar that allows you to select up to 6 measurements to be displayed in the menu bar amongst any sensor and measurement type available. You choose the display order in the bar, so the customization is total. The Premium measurement bar is available through an in-app purchase (integrated in the HomeAtmo application).

Premium bar example :

HomeAtmo Premium bar
Premium bar example with temperature and trend, CO2 level, max wind, humidity and rainfall over 24 hours.

To make it easier for you to distinguish the measurements you have selected to be displayed in the menu bar, some information is now displayed when you let your cursor a few seconds on the menu bar.

You will get :
– the type of measurement.
– the sensor concerned.
– the time of the last measurement

For minimum and maximum temperature measurements as well as for maximum wind speed, the measurement time is the exact time of the value that was recorded.

In addition, if you leave your cursor a few seconds on the HomeAtmo icon in the bar, you will get the information of the version of the application, as well as the latency of Netatmo servers in response to your network requests.

Charts :

Unlike HomeAtmo Lite that has no graph capabilities, the standard version of HomeAtmo can display the curves of your measurements: a simple click on the measurement of your choice in the dashboard and you get the associated graph.

You can adjust the display size of your graphs and even view them in full screen !

By default, you can view the temperature curve of the station and outdoor sensor over the last twelve hours.

With the in-app purchase “HomeAtmo Premium Graphics”, you have access to the curves of all your Netatmo measurements for the period of your choice, namely measurement curves for :

  • the temperature
  • the CO2 level
  • the humidity level
  • the absolute humidity
  • the acoustic comfort
  • the atmospheric pressure for the station
  • the outdoor sensor or for additional interior sensors
  • the precipitation cumulative curve is also available for the rain gauge
  • the wind speed and gust speed curves for the anemometer

You can select the time period of your choice for the graphs ie :

  • 12 hours, 24 hours or 72 hours
  • 7 days, 15 days, 30 days or 90 days
  • 6 months or 1 year

You may also move through the history of your measurements up to 10 years !

A multi-curve display feature is available allowing you to view the curves for the same type of measurement of all your sensors on the same graph !

As a standard in HomeAtmo application, you can display the base and outdoor temperatures curves on a same graph. With the HomeAtmo Premium Graph in-app purchase (integrated in the HomeAtmo application), the multi-curve mode is available for each type of measurement.

Depending on the measurements displayed, you can view, on the right handside of the graph window : the average, the total or the minimum and maximum values on the selected period.

An interactive cursor also allows you to view the measurements figures at a given time even in multi-curve mode.

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to :

  • close (Cmd Q, Cmd W)
  • hide (Cmd H)
  • put the graph window in full screen (Cmd F)

Chart example :

HomeAtmo charts example
Example of a HomeAtmo Premium graph with temperature curves of the various sensors over a period of 15 days (the left column allows you to choose the sensor and the type of measurement, the right column displays contextual information for the period, here the minimum and maximum temperature of the selected sensors over the selected period)

The application also makes it easy to switch between displaying data from one Weather station/Aircare sensor to another if you have linked several equipments to the same Netatmo account.

Configuration :

To use this application, you must first have at least one Weather station or Aircare sensor configured and have created an account on the Netatmo site netatmo.com.

HomeAtmo application supports Netatmo account’s user preferences for measurement units.

By changing the choice of your units in the “setting” menu on the netatmo.com website, the HomeAtmo application will automatically display the measurements in the desired units. You will may get :

  • temperatures in C ° or F °.
  • pressure in mbar, inHg, mmHg.
  • measure of rain precipitation in mm or inch.
  • wind speed in km/h, mph, m/s, knot.