HomeAtmo, Your Data, and Your Privacy

HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite complies with the requirements of GDPR.

How do HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite connect to your Netatmo equipment ?

  • HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite use the account you created to install your Netatmo equipment.
  • There is no need to create a dedicated account for HomeAtmo or HomeAtmo Lite. 
  • No personal data, other than your Netatmo account and password, will be required to use the two applications.
  • HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite never store your Netatmo account and password. 
  • During authentication, you will be redirected to the official Netatmo website to authenticate yourself. You will then be asked to authorize HomeAtmo to access your measurements.
  • The HomeAtmo application will not work if you do not accept access to your data.
  • Netatmo will then deliver a token to the HomeAtmo application which will allow it to regularly retrieve the measurements.
  • To stay connected and update your measurements in real time, both applications use this token which is refreshed when necessary. 
  • It is these token and refresh token that are stored encrypted on your Mac.

How is the information transmitted by Netatmo equipment used in HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite ?

  • Both applications simply show you this information in an ergonomic and transparent way.
  • Your personal information is never sold nor shared with anyone else.

How is equipment location information obtained ?

  • HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite do not use your Mac location.
  • The location information displayed in these two applications is sent by your Netatmo equipment.

How is the in-app purchase process handled in HomeAtmo ? 

  • HomeAtmo does not have access to your billing address or payment information at any time during an in-app purchase process.
  • The management of in-app purchase is delegated to Apple.

Do HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite collect operating information ? 

  • Both applications can collect two types of operating information:
    • Crashes.
    • Information about the usage of the application.
  • These reports are completely anonymized.
  • The sending of usage data can be enabled or disabled in the settings window.
  • These usage data are used for statistical analysis in order to improve the functionalities offered in the application.
  • None of the above data is exposed online or passed on to third parties, these are only used for troubleshooting purposes.

What other entities does HomeAtmo and HomeAtmo Lite use to process or store personal data ?

  • Google Firebase is the built-in tool used to collect both types of reports, namely error reports and usage data. If you choose not to send your usage data, this tool is disabled.

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